The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

In relation to the hospital, surely using funds which don't belong to you, is tantamount to stealing. Is that not a crime? forgive me if I sound a wee bit naive, perhaps these paragons of virtue, who came up with this idea are above the law. By all means, build a hospital build ten but not with money stolen from survivors. Having already stolen our childhood years, why are you still stealing from us? Shame on all of you.

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Comment by Deirdre O Sullivan on December 8, 2018 at 12:19
I agree. A complete disgrace. As you say, by all means, build the hospitals, but please cop on. That money was hard won and should be distributed to the survivors who had to fight for most of their lives to get the paltry sum awarder to us. I urge the government to, for once, make the right decision by stepping up and allow us to have what we are owed.
Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 9, 2019 at 9:14

The Survivors slaved through childhood and made with their hard work Billions for the Roman Catholic State, all the Property was bought by  Money made by the slavery of  the children who have a Human Right to claim their money back , there was no need for a Redress board the Government and Roman Church are well aware of the Abuses suffered by the children at the hands of the Slave Sadistic Masters But WHY? did they have so many people sitting in on the Redress Board?  that was another business with high fee's  for being on the Redress Board instead of just Paying the Survivors that was not justice I feel it was another form of Abuse to frighten and put fear into the mind of the Vulnerable Survivor to keep silent , The Only Scumbags who did  well and  got Rich from all this is the Bent Lawyers, Groups, Politicians, The Roman Catholic Church , It is shocking how the Bent Disgusting bunch of Peasants in Government and in the Church are still trying to cover the Savagery against Irish Children covered up, 

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