The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Watch out for Human Rights Lawyers - Entrapment & gathering of Evidence for Novartis cartel??

Dear Mr Winters,
I attended your office last Monday 23rd July 2018.  I was told two weeks previous that I would  be meeting with you.  Gavin Booth had confirmed that to me by phone.
The meeting went on for a long time with Marie Hans asking me several times to show her my neck and point to parts I believed had been removed.
Before the meeting I was told to go downstairs to meet with you - when I went down I was told that no I was to stay upstairs.
Marie Hans asked me if I believed in Nazis and New World Order??
Marie kept leaving the room and then came back at one stage to confirm that you were taking on my case and to sign the form for you to pick up my files from GP etc.  I asked her to confirm if you were definitely taking on my case before I signed that form - she confirmed to me before I signed the form that you were taking my case and to sign the form - as I note that request form is only signed when a Lawyer has confirmed that he is taking on a case.  I was not given time to fill in date or any further information.  Marie said she only needed my signature.
On Wednesday I rang Marie to ask when would I receive your letter of confirmation - it was only then that she told me that you were not taking on my case and that all documents were sent back to me on Tuesday - No post has arrived from your office to me by Friday - yet she confirmed that she definitely sent it.
Surely a Lawyer does not ask a client to sign anything unless he is definitely taking on the case.
I have been deceived by your office again.  In July 2016 Darragh Mackin contacted me via twitter - I could not go to the meeting he suggested at the time  but confirmed by telephone call & email the reasons why.  I was told by your office then that Darragh Mackin would ring me but he never did.  My purpose for ringing your office two weeks ago was to enquire about your company taking on my case or not.
I feel ridiculed and deceived - 
Can you confirm in writing if you have written to any of doctors or hospitals for any papers on me seeing that you have my signature on such a request form.
I think you well know Mr Winters that the dynamics of abuse do not change.
It was also confirmed to me that my emails to both you and Gavin Booth had been received early on the 23rd July before I arrived.  This is another lie as I noted on Tuesday that the emails had in fact bounced back to me NOT DELIVERED.  I knew this to be my own mistake as I had email address wrong.
Please note that I feel I need to inform NI Law Society about this.  You call yourselves Human Rights Lawyers yet I feel intimidated by your office.  I would however mention that your Receptionist was very good and professional to me.
Marie did seem to have some kind of Rash or allergy on that day 23rd July 2018 and I did feel sorry for her as she was very agitated and scratching her face & arms.
I note that you were apprentice to Pat Finucane RiP.  Your office has mislead me in the same way that Michael Finucane son of Pat Finucane did in 2012.
In the interest of transparency I will be sharing this letter publicly.
Marie Hans ended the meeting the moment she had my signature - Gathering of information in collusion for who?  Isn't that the very word "collusion" that the Finucane family use in connection with murder of Pat Finucane - I refer to the late Mr Pat Finucane only in the sense that your profile states you were in apprenticeship to him and also the fact that Michael Finucane Human Rights Solicitor Dublin even though having my papers 6 years has done nothing and has refused to return my papers to me.
I know well what collusion is as I have suffered it at the hands of HSE & Gardai editing of my statement - so please confirm what was your purpose in having my signature before a confirmation letter was sent or given to me.  I took your word via Marie Hans and she confirmed to me twice that you were taking the case.
I note NI Law Society ask that clients inform the Lawyers if they are going to make a complaint.  I told Marie Hans verbally on Wednesday and I am confirming same to you now in writing.  Marie knows and could see I have difficulty walking following medical injuries to me and yet sending me downstairs albeit in the lift and then told No to go back upstairs - even the Receptionist was surprised as she confirmed to me she was told to send me downstairs.
Seeing that post has not arrived since last Tuesday the day Marie Hans said she posted it and the fact that you are illegally holding onto my papers and letter giving you permission to take up files I will ask NI Law Society to please go ahead with this complaint.  Marie also states I only gave her two documents - I gave her three and it is interesting to note that the one that is missing is the one with the name of the blood pressure prescription I was wrongly prescribed.
Marie Hans confirmed to me that she knew of Dr David Healy.  I send you here some links to his blog...
Finally Mr Winters I feel it is very sad, very wrong that such high profile Lawyers like you and your company can draw a medically violated & abused woman into your trust just to get her signature?  What was/is your motive?
Yours sincerely,
Teri  Byrne
Note Friday 30th July NO POST FROM YOUR OFFICE Arrived...???
Misrepresentations & lies by the apprentice to Pat Finucane
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