The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

What is the Statutory Fund Supposed to Fund? How Long Have they Known?

The above has this Morning arrived in my  Personal In Box, these and others took part in the Consultation Process and these specifically stated the Statutory Fund was NOT Negotiable!


It would appear that they expect their Funding to come from the Statutory Fund?


How Long have they known?


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Comment by Rose Gosnell on May 3, 2011 at 22:54
Why should any  victim have to apply for what is rightfully theirs in the first place?
Comment by Rob Northall on May 4, 2011 at 11:05
Quote from the above News Letter
"The Department of Education have given us this money as an iterim payment whilst we wait for the result of our application to the new Statutory Trust Fund for our funding for 2011"

Later they State
"there is still no news when the Statutory Trust Fund is likely to be in operation and there is still no indication of what the rules of application will be or who can apply to it"

this means that Survivors Groups are to be funded from the Trust Fund??

At what Secret Meeting was this agreed?
Comment by Rob Northall on May 4, 2011 at 12:13
Comment by Geraldine ,O on May 12, 2011 at 13:09
I am amazed at the sheer scale of underhanded  DEVIOUS tactics used by those colective groups who have held and still hold meetings in total secrecy to keep their business organization going and to keep themselves and their families and friends in Jobs whilst making sure the Real Victims of Industrial Schools are totally kept in the dark as what is going on behind their backs , will the so called Treasurer Eileen Mc Carthy please tell us just how many survivors of industrial schools you have on your list ,I am aware you could just give any figure which others are doing so I sujest you let our spokespersons >Paddy Doyle, Robert Northall, ,Kathleen O'Malley have a copy of the list of Victims you claim to represent in Coventry, That Money you are taking from the Statuary Trust fund >WHICH AS FAR AS SURVIVORS ARE AWARE HAS (NOT BEEN SET UP AND IS UNLIGHTLY TO GO AHEAD,That money was paid over by the Religious Orders for the Survivors of Industrial Schools for the Brutal Abuse and Illegal detention and hard labour when we were BABIES abd YOUNG CHILDREN. I Appeal to the new Government to disband all Groups and so called services for survivors and Pay each Survivor their RIGHTFUL COMPANSATION. That is the only way to put things right so survivors can then feel at least had some form of Justice though we can never get back what we have all lost.As it is Most survivors live in many different Countries in the World.>>> Not Covernty ,London, Manchester, Dublin ,Cork.
Comment by Geraldine ,O on May 12, 2011 at 13:11
There is a real case for the European Court Of Human Rights.
Comment by Geraldine ,O on June 14, 2011 at 14:34
The Dept of education in Ireland is NOT fit for pourpose, If they secretly are planning on STEALING the funds that were paid over by the Religious Orders to compansate their Victims of  Sadistic Industrial Child Prisons ,then they are acting Illegally and the European Court of Human Rights must look into it., Michael Collins in my Profile picture would NEVER have let this happen he cared about Ireland and Her People ,Industrial schools have been run by the Most Brutal of Regim's in the world that was The Irish Government and the Dept of Education ,they are totally responsable for the Brutiality toward Innocent Irish Children many had lost Fathers in WW2, or Fathers arrived back in Ireland to be Ridiculed, Abused ,and denied their Rights as an Irish Citizen ,many were forced to travel abroad to find work in order to be able to send money back to their families and these were MEN who had just arrived back from the stinking Battlefields many saw their brothers cousins friends Blown to bits fighting off the Nazi's ,All the while the Irish Government ,Dept of Education, The Catholic Church were behaveing just like the Nazi's toward Irish Children.Survivors of Industrial Schools deserve to be compansated , Shame on the Dept Of Education you are Bringing Shame of Ireland you are behaveing like a bunch of Oppressive Crues  Tyrant's,The Money handed over by the Religious IS NOT YOUR'S TO DO AS YOU WISH.
Comment by Geraldine ,O on June 14, 2011 at 14:38
Coventry Irish Society you are stealing from Survivors  of Brutal Industrial Schools. Shame On You
Comment by Rob Northall on June 19, 2011 at 16:08

Oliver Burke

Hi Robert, Kevin & AnneMaria, We at Munster Survivors will back and assist the Magdelenes in any way possible if they contact us. As regards the "FUND" and the other groups not being heard this is because they are too busy getting their Submissions ready to apply to this FUND for their future funding as the Government wants this to happen. Only on Friday we met the leader of Fianna Fail and made our objections to any fund quite clear but as long as the traitors in our midst arre willing to take funding from this FUND, then we have one hell of a fight on our hands, so I call on you all to stand up and make your voices heard as Robert and I have done from the outset. Survivors it is time for our own RISING. Best wishes to all our supporters.


The above appeared on my Facebook Page when I Posted the Photo of the New Munster Group there!!! The Following really JUMPED out at me!!


As regards the "FUND" and the other groups not being heard this is because they are too busy getting their Submissions ready to apply to this FUND for their future funding as the Government wants this to happen.


This is the LInk to the Photo -

Comment by Geraldine ,O on June 19, 2011 at 22:24
Oliver Look at the two photos of the dancers in Goldenbridge they were taken nearly three years apart. so what year was Mrs buckley in hospital as SHE said the Nun split her leg open did she do irish dancing after that ???????or before her leg was split open all the way doen?????what year was she supposed to have been taken to Hospital in that case >Was she Lying??????
Comment by Rob Northall on July 6, 2011 at 16:39

Michael Walsh, signed the Petition on Paddy's site “On behalf of Right of Place Second Chance” RE tHe statutory Trust Fund


It State Quite Clearly in their News Letter >

“The Trust Fund
Right of Place/ Second Chance has already stated our position on this fund, in our last Newsletter. It is that a cash settlement should be issued to each survivor from the 110 million, which the Religious have handed over to the state.”

It goes on to State >

“Therefore, Right of Place Second Chance also make the case that – not only should the 110 million be handed over to the survivors immediately, but that the 450 million which the church is being asked to hand over to the state as payment for redress which has already been paid out – should in fact be used as a health/welfare support aid – for survivors – to aid us in our ill health and support us and our dependents in out time of need. So that we can live with dignity and die in peace.”

Source – Right of Place/ Second Chance Newsletter February 2011

What from would this “health/welfare support aid” take?

Would it be a Statutory Instrument set up by the Government?

Would this be in the form of a Trust Fund?

How can Right of Place /Second Chance Sign a Petition against a Trust Fund and then ask for a bigger one?

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