The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

What Survivors need is Closure not more Broken Promises

Tomorrow is the conference

Facing the future together - Ireland’s lifelong responsibility to s...

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Let's face it? What's this together thing about?

The Christine Buckley Centre

Right of Place


Amnesty International Ireland

Where was Ireland's life long responsibility when the Statutory Trust Fund A.K.A. Caranua was being set up?

Why did these people allow a limited funded and time allotted scheme to be established at Law?

Caranua (Residential Institutions Statutory Trust Fund) is closing!

It was made clear that the Statutory Trust Fund was the final thing the Government was prepared to do for Survivors!

Redress was abusive  and derisory!

The Education Fund was slow to respond to request meaning missing deadlines for funding and disappointment and only those who knew the system and planned well ahead could get anywhere with it.

Caranua has been inequitable, abusive, demeaning, banned and blocked applicants and ben generally unsatisfactory.

What have the above Groups who now are talking of togetherness done to bring Caranua to account?

Now we have this conference?

What Survivors need is something to draw a line under this!

No more failed schemes

No more cap in hand funds

Something that's the same for everyone regardless of social status or income or dependent of where they live.


What would bring closure?

Repealing the Redress Act on the grounds that it was unconstitutional would go a long way to making survivors feel valued!

A possible nominal Pension tax free and also not counted as income for those reliant on welfare benefits.

What's not needed are unsustainable schemes that cannot be administered equitably!

No more Broken Promises!

No more High Expectations and Disappointment!

What Survivors need is Closure!

Feel free to add your suggestions on how to achieve this bellow?

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Comment by pauline jackson on May 12, 2019 at 18:31

Broken promises has been the norm for all these years ever since groups formed . its been down to give me your name  and address and we will keep you in touch. that was the last i heard from them. no update no advice coming back to Ireland without any idea about the commision. about how the payments worked. what thay were based on. So another group is Something i dont trust. i am very ill and i havent any wish to go into an old peoples home as i dont trust institutions at all. but what to do is just another problem i have to face.Another bunch of false do gooders is abuse again. How many people have been feathering thier own nests thanks to us is hurting all of the left out ones is a question i ask myself but of course i will never know.

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