The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Women again being traffiked in Ireland for clinical trials by Church & State

Minister Varadkar states staffing is a problem...Minister Varadkar does not state how there are ongoing job adverts for clinical trial nurses especially for Tullamore Hospital - Pharma's Lab 101...Gardai covering up breaches of the Nuremberg Code, Violation of women's bodies and Surgeon accuses patient of accusing him of sexual assault - the usual bullying tactic to silence patient - when medical council received letter of complaint on this surgeon - Tullamore hospital rang Gardai stating that the Surgeon was worried about his reputation - Was he really, why didn't Tullamore gardai state to the hospital that they had already received a written complaint as had the Medical Council and it was under investigation -

Even though the patient was the first to raise concerns about cuts and bruising to her female parts of her body - she had only asked the surgeon why - even with the evidence of the pelvic xray before them the Surgeon threatened he would phone the gardai - the patient told him to go ahead - he shouted at her then and asked "are you accusing me and my team of sexually assaulting you - patient replied "No I would not think such a thing, I am only asking why do I have cuts and bruising to my abdomen and body and marks on my throat following a foot operation" - the Sergeant from Tullamore Garda Station has been promoted to Inspector - the Garda had stated in November 2013 that he was investigating the violation of patient's body and had the evidence sent to him directly from Mullingar who had first received it directly from the Garda Commissioner to investigate..No investigation or follow up was done....Patient dragged from her home, held down onto bed, injected with psychotropic drugs with no assessment and held under the gaslighting of psychiatry for five weeks where she was forced to take so many of the toxic drugs, so many reactions...called to sit in front of psychiatrist now and then - where psychiatrist asked her if she has sex with her partner - this was said in front of a first year student nurse and others...Then the good psychiatrist insisted that the patient goes back to the surgeon to follow through on foot injury - Can you believe this - a Surgeon had stated and in writing since that patient had accused him and his team of sexual assault - and here was a psychiatrist telling patient she has to go pack to the bully Surgeon - Patient targeted since and cover up all around from the Medical Council, Garda Commissioner - Justice Minister, Tanaiste, Mary Lou McDonald, Kathleen Lynch, Senator Katherine Zappone - all women covering up mutilation of female patient in Tullamore Hospital -

What is Novartis's involvement in the cover up of clinical trials in all hospitals - Shame on a Catholic Church who stalk and traffik women for pharma - Shame of a country who are trafficking women again for pharma and abuse - the ongoing collection of pharma coins of betrayal - the abduction of lives - shame on you all - What is going on in Tullamore Hospital? - How many women have been medically abused and tortured in Irish Hospitals - Shame on Irish Psychiatry who joined in this cover up of medical malpractice by gaslighting of patient - shame on all of those involved who are covering this up and harming patient further and a pharma Taoiseach - all of these and Hospital Managments even with the evidence before them - shame on solicitors,many of which are silent on this even with the evidence sent to them - Shame on you all as you continue to break down my health, my life - another enslavement of Irish women for profit and abuse -

This is HSE and Medical corruption and bribery and not one whistleblower - Hitler did what he did publicly - now the Church State and medical profession and GPs all involved in a cartel of cover up - Remember nothing you do can ever hide the truth - no mercy, no mediation, all my letters have been ignored - this is why I have had to go public on my Page of Truth - and Nothing but the Truth here- this is the sadness of it all - where young doctors are starting out on their careers - I pray you all First Do No Harm...Ireland 2015

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