The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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At 20:15 on May 14, 2012, John J Hogan said…

Jimmy how the going J.H.

At 20:16 on May 14, 2012, John J Hogan said…

Jimmy thank's for All the E Mail's great craic J.H.

At 21:46 on May 14, 2012, pauline jackson said…

nice to see that you are back. looking forward to reading your comments.


At 22:00 on May 14, 2012, jack colleton said…

hello from Jack Colleton Survivor

At 7:51 on May 15, 2012, james moy said…



Fully intend to make me mouse earn his keep!


At 11:50 on May 15, 2012, Catherine Roberts said…

Welcome back Jimmy great to have you on board again,missed your comments.Hope all is well with you.Take care Catherine.

At 12:43 on May 15, 2012, james moy said…

Thanks a lot Catherine, missed yis all here to tell the truth, as well as having my own ding dongs with the rif raf in the Irish republic that have so much to answer for!  Hope your doing ok and keeping strong ,i guess what helps keep us all going is seeing that at last it is becoming more evident every day of the crimes the religious and government of so called Holy Ireland are without doubt guilty of.

I just wish to God that my Folks were still alive to see and beleive it ,as they sure did not when at the age of 14 i told my Mother of some of the damage that was going on at the Gulag i was on a break from, only for fourty shades of crap to be beaten out of me for saying such bad things about the lovely religious that were feeding me well and giving me a lovely edumacation etc, by big daddy, that trashing is sure one thing i will never forget, it was way up there with all the other damage that the lovely effin religious subjected me to!

Never mind, i am now a firm beleiver that if their is such a place as heaven, we have no problems , having experienced the joys of Irelands  holy hell!


Be strong,  jimmy




At 15:42 on May 15, 2012, james moy said…

Hi Jack, i see you were a resident of the Birds Nest in Dun Laoghaire. I was raised in that area, and walked by it each day on my way to the C B School in the town. I remember often  thinking how sinister it looked, and became aware that it was a home for young Children, yet never saw any sign of life from the place. Yet a couple of miles away, there was an Industrial school , Carriglea, and the boys from there would be marched out most Sundays for a long walk to the seafront and back, you would hear the noise of their hobnailed boots ,from a mile away. Never thought i would end up in an Industrial school myself at 12 years of age, and cant to this day understand why Judge McCarthy would send me to a Gulag way down in the backside of Co Cork, when Carriglea was only a mile from my home, which made it a heck of a journey for my Mother ,when paying me a visit.

Jack, were you also interred in Glin?Co Limerick? I have a reason for asking, hope you dont mind.


Rgards ,Jimmy

At 15:57 on May 16, 2012, Catherine Roberts said…

Hi Jimmy nice to hear from you.It is great to see how the religious and government have been caught out for all their crimes and long may it continue.I am sure your Mum & Dad know everything now that was the way in Ireland parents never believe children if they said anything bad regarding religious people little did they know.Are you sorting your problems out hope it turns out well for you.Take care Catherine.

At 14:59 on May 18, 2012, Robert Tobin said…

Hi Jimmy,

I don't really know. I have not done an Ancestry trace. I must try that one day.

At 16:03 on May 18, 2012, james moy said…

Hi Robert, Thanks for getting back to my so fast, not to worry, just that your surname was the same as my pal PJ, and as he cant recollect any family , thought it no harm to ask. Thanks again, for accepting me as a friend, its nice to have friend in far off places,hope you are content with your life , were you in the Irish Army? That is a nice  horse your sitting on, and you both look the business in that photo,i love horses, and would have one if i ever come up on the lotto, ha!

Maybe your better of not knowing your ancestry, i got a shock when i learned from some of mine, a Brother of mine done a search, and traced our family way back to China,some of them ended up in Donegal, and my family originate from them ,hence the Surname! Pretty rare in Ireland, but my Dad, an electrician,  was doing a rewiring of the GPO in O Connell st, Dublin, when i  was younger, and while taking lunch one day he picked up some telephone directorys, covering areas of the USA,  and later told us that there are thousands of Moys in it. Most were Chinese laaundrys ,and take aways etc.  ha! Maybe that accounts for my squinty eyes and love of the orient, and its food.

Best Wishs,  



At 20:33 on May 19, 2012, jack colleton said…

hello James. thanks for your responses. i would not have seen them had i not been here on your page already! yes i was in the Bird's Nest. now the building is private apartments! we too were regular as clockwork marched down either of the piers and back. don't mind me commenting regarding detention (prison) that according to human rights prisoners should be in reason distance of their family so they can visit without travelling too far. no i was not in the Glin (county Limerick).

At 21:13 on May 19, 2012, james moy said…

Hi Jack, you are indeed correct, regarding where detainees should be sent ,somewhere near ,so that could have easier access. But the way i understand it, the effin judges never considered the  hardship or inconvenience thay were causing, they had places to fill at these various institutions, in order for the religious to maintain the imcome they received off our backs! It was all a triving business in those days, that is how they are so wealthy now, even in th UK,  the Rosminnions ,who ran my gulag, own vast amounts of land and propertys. As well as in Ireland ,

Upton is the place i was interred in, but like the Birds Nest, it is still a triving business, not an industrial school, but still owned and run by the Rosminions. It is now an institution for mentally disabled folk, i beleive, and has had much money spent on it and the grounds, beautiful makeover, even the graveyard has been updated, and the entire place resembles an American Campus. On  a visit to the place in 2004, walking around it with other ex inmates that reside in Cork, we got talking to a resident who was sweeping up a road, turned out he was a former resident, but unable to deal with civilian life outside, and was now being kept at the place as a sort of live in patient, he was over 60, but well backward, told us the clergy were good to him, had his own room, and got pocket money  for doing simple jobs around the site, also he was well fed and cared for. He had no family to speak of, but said a Solicitor took his case to the RIRB and he got an award, which the good clergy were administering for him.

He was allowed to go to the shop in the Village but no further, but the Clergy took him out at times on visits to the seaside ,cinema , zoo, and shopping for cloths.

We left after our visit, and allthough this man seemed happy with his lot, we could not help thinking, how many more folk are out there in the world, like him, whose brains were scrambled by these so called holy men?

In the car driving back to the city, i remarked, "many flew over the cuckoos nest!"  They all agreed that was bang on!

Regards Jimmy




At 13:24 on May 23, 2012, jack colleton said…

hello James. again i would not have seen your response above had i not happen to visit your page! should i not have had notification to inform me there was a new message for me?  maybe it is me .. not understanding the system! yes "places to fill". follow the money trail!  you are so right about that. so much of it all (the abuse) had to do with money (same story coverup now). wow. thankyou very much for that James! you have rung bells!

At 13:27 on May 23, 2012, jack colleton said…
At 13:29 on May 23, 2012, jack colleton said…
At 13:30 on May 23, 2012, jack colleton said…
At 13:32 on May 23, 2012, jack colleton said…

Child abuse (Ireland) 2009 09 28 21307 Rosminians

At 10:58 on September 14, 2012, Mary Donovan said…

Hello James,

Yes I live in Tipperary but I am from Tralee, Co. Kerry.  Thank you for the uplifting messages, needed it and it made me laugh. 

At 19:01 on September 14, 2012, james moy said…

Hello Mary, Glad i gave you a laugh, we all need cheering up from time to time, and it helps if we can still smile and share the craic. There is a section here on this site where folk tell jokes,whenever you need a good giggle. Chek it out.

At least here,  and on Paddy Doyles "Ghost Squad "site, there are always good banter and interesting storie's.

Keep strong,


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