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At 5:11pm on September 22, 2010, saenie morrison gave Margaret Thornton a gift
Margaret, good to see you there also. Lets hope we can make a difference. Notice there are no group leaders leading the way on here.
At 18:44 on September 25, 2010, dorris lloyd said…
hi Margaret thank you for the friend request its very much accepted.Welcome also to shame of ireland..tale care Dorris.
At 19:00 on September 27, 2010, dorris lloyd said…
Hi margaret thank you for your kind words and wishes.i have never met anyone from the shame of ireland site ,but i do know we all feel the same pain .and hopefully we will all be there for one another......take care Dorris
At 11:24 on October 2, 2010, dorris lloyd said…
Hi Maggie not supprised its gone quiet there wondering what to do with OURmoney.Get rid of Buckley and co for a start .and why didnt any of the group leaders fight for 200million euros that went to the childrens hospital .The hospital was in the making even before we got our compensation fron the religous orders. Why take it from our fund?2006 i saw comments for the hospital where they were going to build it and such.
At 4:18 on October 22, 2010, saenie morrison said…
hello margaret @Les,
Peg and I have arrived inYuma, arizona, it was a four day drive 3,400 kilometres little tiring but we are here ii one piece. I will keep my ear to the ground but I am not amused at the awful Irish Govt. shennanigans with the compensation.

Keep in touch.
At 13:05 on January 21, 2011, John J Hogan said…
Hi Margaret this John J Hogan I was in Glin from 1954 until 1960  I see you were enquiring about some Boxer Micheal Seal's ask him if he knew the Gleson Brother's they were the boxers that went to Dublin to fight when I was there.All the Best for now J.H.
At 21:50 on January 21, 2011, John J Hogan said…
HI Margaret good to hear from you sorry to hear about your Brother I should have know'n him as i was in Glin from 1954 until 1960 How long was he in Glin and what did he work at when he was there. I was on the farm myself. I will be caling Saenie Morrison he is in Arizona and I want to talk to him  about my Daughters Schooling I will ask him abouth  Michael All the best for now J.H.
At 16:22 on January 23, 2011, Margaret Thornton said…
John, I will find out when my brother went into Glin. Michael worked in the sewing room. However, I had another brother Paddy also there, and he worked in the boot room. My eldest bro Paddy lives in Ennis, he will fill me in with more information when he visits. I'll keep in touch. Take Care and thanks for your participation. Margaret. ( I know Michael did boxing for Glin, as my Mother had a cutting from the Clare Champion Newspaper.  Michael  won the fight that day.) Our family are from Clare.
At 8:47 on January 24, 2011, John J Hogan said…

HI Margaret I have to tell you that is was James Moy who posted the Photo of the boy's in Glin. Margaret I have a book all abouth Glin and there are 48 Photo's telling all abouth

Glin's existance for the past 95 year's .It was written in 1998 by a lady named Christina Ctaft . I will Get my Daughter Christina to post the photos when I see her again as I do not have the experience on posting photos on this sight . I hopep you find your Brother's Photo in some of them.Maggie all the best for Now J.H.

At 15:34 on January 30, 2011, saenie morrison said…

Hi Margaret,Jimmy, John,

Michael was with me in Glin in the 40s I have a photo of Michael and a group sitting with John Stokes who was helping the boxing team. John lived in Ballybunnion and worked in a drapery shop in the town of Glin, he wrote to me many years after I got out, I still have his letter. Say Hi to Paddy for me Margaret. I will send you a copy of the photo when I get back to Canada in April. John phoned me from San Diego a couple of hours from here and I will have to give him a ring back.


At 20:02 on April 5, 2011, Margaret Thornton said…
A Mexican, an  Arab, and a Yorkshire Lass are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, In Mexico, our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice. The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks non-alcohol beer (cuz he's a Muslin! throws it into the air, pulls out his AK-47, AND SHOOTS THE GLASS TO PIECES. He says, In the Arab world, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either. The Yorkshire Lass, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp.throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and calling for a refillm she says In Yorkshire, we have so many illegal immigrants that we don't have to drink withe the same ones twice. 
At 20:16 on April 5, 2011, Margaret Thornton said…
correction spelling for above comment, Muslim and refill. Hope you like it. Hi, to All. So sorry that some of our friends have left our site. Maggie  
At 19:15 on April 23, 2011, dorris lloyd said…
hi margaret ,same to you ,happy easter .to you and yours xxdorris
At 20:39 on June 20, 2011, Rob Northall said…

Thanks Maggie! Did you Like the Enda Pants on the Gotta Laff Page?


You can't keep a good man down?


Battles to Fight!!

At 10:21 on June 21, 2011, Rob Northall said…

Thanks Maggie! Did you Like the Enda Pants on the Gotta Laff Page?


You can't keep a good man down?


Battles to Fight!!

At 11:38 on August 13, 2011, jack colleton said…
hello from Jack Colleton Survivor
At 19:52 on August 21, 2011, Margaret Thornton said…
Hello to you Jack, thanks for taking the trouble to leave a comment. Take Care. Maggie
At 12:25 on January 17, 2012, Rob Northall said…

Hi Margaret the only thing that I have noticed is that the Chat box at the Bottom of the screen shows up. where it says "Main Room" Click the "-" and it will drop back down.

Hopes this Helps??

Take Care


At 10:38 on March 26, 2012, Geraldine Jackson said…

Hello Margaret,

At 1:20 on October 2, 2012, Geraldine Jackson said…

Hi Margaret, There was a very Famous Irish Boxer called Thornton any relation, >He Must be, look him up. hope all is well with you as well as things can be all considering the shit we all   have been subjected  to.

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