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At 21:22 on November 25, 2011, pauline jackson said…

great  welcome.x

At 23:48 on November 26, 2011, jack colleton said…

hello from Jack Colleton survivor

At 17:21 on November 27, 2011, jack colleton said…

hello Geraldine! just keeping it real and for the record and for member's i would say that actually i have never felt better! i could add more like that means i had never felt better before! i could also say that i rarely if ever now get a headache (migrane) maybe because i had enough to last me a life time! ah yes the department of education (and science?) .. lab animals treated as .. anybody else suffering the effects .. recall the vaccines or sugar lumps?



At 16:40 on February 9, 2012, Catherine Roberts said…

Many happy returns for tomorrow have a lovely day.

At 18:14 on May 6, 2012, Margaret Thornton said…

Hi, Geraldine, Maggie here, it is lovely to talk to my kind of people on our web-site. I don't get on the site much, but when I do it is heart warming to read all the comments and how strong we all seem to be in spite of our experiences. Keep Well. Maggie 

At 9:30 on June 25, 2012, Oliver Whelan said…
Hi Geraldine, yes ee are having a sunny winter, frosty nights a.d 17 to 19c during the sunny days. We have daffodils and jonquils, with the odd scented rose in bloom. Oliver.
At 0:35 on June 29, 2012, Oliver Whelan said…
Hi Geraldine, all aboard and watch the Papacy and their bootlickes sink. Don't forget to bring along a lot of water, so when they are drowning, pour it over their stupid heads, just to make sure the job is done in shipshape fashion. Horray !! Oliver.
At 2:18 on July 30, 2012, John J Hogan said…

Geraldine great talking to you on Saturday .Looking forward to talking to you again J.H.

At 10:43 on August 31, 2012, Miriam Moriarty owens said…

Good morning Geraldine I did see the pictures It's amazing to see and I know what you mean. that particular picture should have been shown. No visible scars there I have a friend who is going through a really bad time . She has been refused everything even the back to school allowance. for her children and feels suicidal. My heart is broken for her The statutory fund is a joke. when the government return after there holidays....... I am going to lobby them. in a dignified way . Something needs to be done. I have nothing else to do now. So I might as well spend my time helping people who need us. We are all family in my eyes . . I rang you last have a chat. Will ring you again soon much love We will get through this God bless x Miriam

At 14:40 on September 14, 2012, Elizabeth Nicholas said…

Hi Geraldine  nice to hear from you.  No we donot have relatives in tipperary  my husband is british.  I was born in Athlone and still have cousins there we visit when we can as Colin

is not in the best of health. Have been trying to follow what exactly  is going on with the Statutory Fund but cant make head or tail of it,   can anybody?   nice to talk to you

Liz  (Elizabeth)

At 20:43 on October 5, 2012, Úna Walsh said…

Thank you

At 18:00 on January 15, 2013, Geraldine Jackson said…

The state got it all wrong from the start , The services they set up for the survivors should have been run by professional  people who were not Survivors. 

At 21:20 on March 18, 2013, Geraldine Jackson said…

Just home from Hospital again have to go back the day after tomorrow again to have a further operation I have to have PICC that is a long flexable tube known as a Catheter inserted into my arm the tip of the Catheter is then passed along the vein until it is positioned along the vein in a large vein just above my Heart,it will stay for a year I have to have intravenous Therapy Drugs  eg Chemotherapy m Antibiotics, Blood Products and other fluids,  I am lucky to still be alive the Surgeon said , I will go bald as well, I might be feeling like shite but I will  continue on this wonderful site that we all need to get our right to voice our thoughts and opionions on. They are in the wrong >Not us.

At 21:22 on March 18, 2013, Geraldine Jackson said…

amazing what they can do . if this was even 5 years ago I would be dead , I am determined to get better .

At 15:05 on May 12, 2013, Catherine Roberts said…

Hi Geraldine wishing you well I will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

Take care Catherine.

At 12:28 on September 1, 2013, John J Hogan said…
Gearldine there is a reunion in Glin on the 19 October 2013 .I am going to be there. Hope to meet the Jackson Boy's there All the Best for now J.H.
At 12:28 on September 1, 2013, John J Hogan said…
Gearldine there is a reunion in Glin on the 19 October 2013 .I am going to be there. Hope to meet the Jackson Boy's there All the Best for now J.H.
At 14:41 on October 12, 2013, ♥Deb said…
Hi Geraldine, right now I'd swap your winter we are looking at 40 Celcius tomorrow, but you take care, Deb
At 14:44 on October 12, 2013, ♥Deb said…
Ahh sorry your comment was 12 months ago, I'm reading it using my phone - badly but it was still October so hopefully it still means the same ;)
At 19:29 on June 8, 2014, helen said…

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