The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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At 17:52 on September 23, 2014, John J Hogan said…

Great to hear you are recovering J.H.

At 11:42 on February 28, 2017, Geraldine Jackson said…

Where the Survivors Of Horrific Abuses in Industrial Reformatories  as Children even Babies are concerned The Irish Politicians and the Roman Catholic Church really wish all survivors were all DEAD so they can Airbrush  the Abuse's  out of Irish History., It was Ethnic Cleansing of Irish people on a huge scale where Ireland Our own land that so many Fought and Died for  Lost a few Million of the Indigenous Irish people through the Abuses  Torture, Starvation, Neglect, Beatings, Hard Work most was far to Hard for Children which caused so much health damage , They were Harsh Prisons for Babies and Children to cause as much damage on irish children as possible . SHAME ON IRELAND INDEED.   

At 11:45 on February 28, 2017, Geraldine Jackson said…

Not forgetting the Vicious Nasty Violent Inhuman suffering  inflicted on Children by SADISTIC SEXUAL  Perverts , who RAPED AND FLOGGED Children. 

At 14:55 on March 8, 2017, Geraldine Jackson said…

Anyone remember the Pink metallic  tasting Sugar Lumps, All the Huge amount of Property owned by the Roman Catholic Church was all Bought by the Money made from the Slave Trade of Irish Children in those Industrial Child Hard Labour Sadistic Prisons , WHERE IS THE COMPENSATION ??? and Pensions. the so called redress board is a load of Con  merchants sitting on their Fat Bank Accounts .

At 10:35 on November 28, 2017, james penrose said…

Good morning Geraldine, thanks very much for your kind comment.Being a survivor, positivity is all you can hope to strive for, and after years of emotional turmoil,  you finally realise it is look after yourself.Regards Jimmy. 

At 9:40 on December 4, 2017, james penrose said…

HI Geraldine thanks for your comment, the older you get, it dawns on you that what we went through, surviving is lifelong. I LOOK UPON IT AS OUR CALVARY, we shall pull through.Do look after yourself, i  hope the new year treats you kindly. Jimmy.  

At 18:03 on May 11, 2019, seanie morrison said…

Thank you for your comments Geraldine I am writing my memoir and hope to have it published soon I am calling it "The Black Suitcase" It is about my childhood in Limerick and finishing up in Glin leaving Ireland at age sixteen and three month's of age, in lodgings and apprenticeship in England, meeting my girlfriend Peggy at age 17, we married at age 21 before I was called up for the military, being accepted into the Special Forces, SAS, but I do not elaborate on my active service in the jungle against communist terrorist's CTs for 2 years, leaving England for Canada where I end that story. Peg and I were together for ever over 60 years she passed away in my arms three years ago whilst we were in Arizona for the winter, that was the worse day of my life, I would gladly go back to the hellhole for one more minute with her. I am in a double whammy, remembering Peg and remembering Glin. I won't comment on the groups or the Higgins thing as it has been well documented on here. LOL. Seanie.

At 12:01 on May 14, 2019, Geraldine Jackson said…

Thank you Seanie, I am so sorry you had to go through more heartache in life we who survived were born very strong willed The State tried their best to destroy our Characters they already had a go at destroying our Background, Root.s History<even stole our Names from us instead gave us a Number just as they did in the Nazi Consentration Camps  ,they have been shitting themselves because we strong ones still had our Brains working and some natural Intelligence and remember what went on in those Hell Holes with the The Brothers of the Devil and Brides of Saten, , your getting into the SAS must have been a doddle after the Industrial schools that is amazing Well Done ,you must have come from very strong people You survived and here you still are causing the Evil State to shit themselves worrying that we Talk the didn't manage to scare the life out of us , Peggy must be so proud of you I am sure she is looking after you with others from your family  I believe that they never leave us   they would want you to go on and do that Book , You survived for a reason < your Children  must be Proud  of you, I am . Keep Strong and stay Positive, and in touch. . Geraldine. Ps I amon Facebook .with other survivors.  Geraldine. 

At 21:13 on March 28, 2021, Geraldine Jackson said…

I wonder just how many future, Surgeons, Dentists, Teachers, Politicians. Professors . Bankers, Artists, Actors , Writers, Mathematicians, Doctors. Nurses, and much more >did those who worked in Industrial schools , Magdalene Laundry's, Orphanages like Nuns, Christian Brothers, Priests, The State run by the Roman Catholic Church  with their Sadistic Child Hating  staff inflict so much damage on Ireland' s Beautiful Children by Abusing ,Raping,Starving ,Battering ,Flogging , throwing Babies down Cesspits,  destroying the natural Talents and Characters of the Children,  They stole everything possible from so many Irish Children,  Everything, 

At 22:33 on May 3, 2022, Geraldine Jackson said…

Helen, What happened to Larry ?

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