The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

goldenbridge.ORIGNAL WRITTEN BY CHRISTY DAVY,dublin twangmen

true story of GOLDENBRIDGE,church and state abuse

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Comment by pauline jackson on March 6, 2011 at 22:22
there were 136 children in goldenbridge in 1954. but before XS became head nun the one before her who formed her for the job was worse.abuse in places like this had been part of life in instutions for as far back as public knowledge was aware . thats why we were treathened with going there.Offerings to the sadists.the ever present Christine got into this too .its differcult to hear her talk like that.Xeveria was a very dangerous person but she knew what she was doing . she makes her out to be mad but she was a sadist with method. she should have been taken to court just like any perent who misstreates her children.By talking like that thay have allowed her to live freely
Comment by Geraldine ,O on March 29, 2011 at 17:56
Goldenbridge was a Industrial Reformatory school up until 1963 when they changed the name to >Orphanage when a new nun took over and as c said the place changed overnight after Sr X left  though I am sure it still was a brutal place I wouldn't know for I left in 1961  but C said it had changed so much it was a different place ,There are NO words to discribe the Torture and brutiality we suffered during the 1950's and I Dread to think what the place was like from the 1930's to 1940's ,We as babies and young children should NEVER have been put through such Dark Sadistic inhuman treatment , we were treated so terrible it has left all our minds scar'd , at 4 pm every day we children were put out into the exercise yard where the sun never reached being closely surrounded by buildings in a small square ,rain ,hail or snow and had to wait for a staff member to open the window onto the yard with scraps from the staff and nuns table we were so starving we fought each other like mad dogs to get at the scraps often getting hurt in the process while the Staff just Laughed at us .It is downright Insulting for anyone to Dictate to any survivor that we should have gone to counselling No amount of that could ever make up for the huge loss in our live's ,most of us survivors from the 1930's to 1963 have never been allowed a voice indeed WE DARE HAVE NOT OR NEVER DO SHOW OUR FACES BACK IN IRELAND THE ODD THMES WE HAVE ,THE BULLIES WERE WAITING, AND THE HOSTILITY WAS SO COLD IT WAS FROZEN. those groups like the Aislinn are dangerous places for they condence and hold survivors back in the past the Industrial Child Hell Holes THAT CANNOT ever leave the mind your surrounded AND LOCKED INTO  the past all the time  by those who call themself Group leaders who are only protecting their own selves by way of the privilages and funding which has been huge >yet most survivors have NEVER had any help from anyone ,The Government should Compansate each survivor  and stop FLAPPING ABOUT WITH FUNDING FOR THIS AND THAT GROUP, ITS NONSENCE AND WASTFUL.AND CRUEL.I would love to know has every child been accounted for where they are now all those who were detained during the 1930' to 1963,I doubt it for not many children knew their own names nor how old they were a number was easy to replace.
Comment by jack colleton on March 29, 2012 at 22:31

the POLITICAL partys should and be held to ACCOUNT. we could start with a TIMELINE

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